Stade de Roudourou


Guingamp, France


19.060 places


January 1990

Stade de Roudourou

Stade de Roudourou

Stade de Roudourou

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Stade de Roudourou

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The municipal stadium of Roudourou is a stadium located in Guingamp. It hosts the home games of the soccer team En avant Guingamp. It is located in the district from which it takes its name.


  • City of Guingamp


  • Jean-Yves Philippe


Until the end of the 1950s, the place called Roudourou, in the northwest of the town of Guingamp, a few hundred meters from the city center, was almost entirely occupied by agricultural plots on the banks of the Trieux. It was then that the municipality decided to buy the only farm in the area and the surrounding land in order to build a housing estate. Within this new district, a soccer field was built, surrounded by an athletics track in asphalt. In the 1970’s, En avant de Guingamp played some games on this field. But its usual stadium is located on the heights of the city, in the district of Montbareil (commune of Pabu). The construction of the Roudourou stadium was decided at the end of the 1980s, on the initiative of Noël Le Graët, president of En Avant. The Montbareil stadium had become too old to host professional soccer matches.

In 1989, the works are launched on the site of the soccer field of Roudourou, with the elevation of the presidential stand and the stand of honor. The inauguration of the new Roudourou stadium took place on January 21, 1990 with the reception of Paris Saint-Germain with Gilles Rolland as captain. The capacity of the stadium is then 12 000 places. Only one stand, the Presidential, is equipped with seats. Opposite, the Honorary stand is fitted out with covered bleachers. Behind the goals, one side is composed of open bleachers, the other is only a grass mound without any facilities.

A first wave of renovation work was carried out in 1997, during which stands were built behind the goals. These West and East stands have the same capacity, but the first one is equipped with a roof. The capacity was then increased to 18,040 seats (16,540 seats, of which 12,730 are covered).

A second wave of work was launched in 2007 to install a roof on the East stand and on the visitors’ stand, to create boxes in the Honor stand, to renovate the team and referees’ locker rooms, to enlarge the press room, to bring the lighting up to standard and to build a building to host side events.

A third wave of work was carried out in August and September 2014 following Guingamp’s qualification for the Europa League group stage. All seats now have backrests and are red, black and gray. The lighting has also been upgraded to European standards to reach 2400 lux with 80 additional floodlights above the Presidential and Super U (former Honor) stands.

In line with its ambitious and proactive policy, the Club is pleased to be able to confirm a new wave of major work in its Roudourou Stadium during the summer of 2018.

Modernization and extension of the U Stand, closure of the corners with the Patrick and CMB Stands, new security headquarters, so many new achievements that will complete and beautify the current Roudourou, to offer its loyal public always more comfort and a reinforced quality of show.

Thanks to its rigorous and healthy management, En avant de Guingamp is able to finance more than 90% of this investment from its own funds.

What is Roudourou?

The name Roudourou comes from the Breton roudour meaning “ford”, of which it is the plural.


rue du Manoir
22200 Guingamp, France


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