Adidas Arena


Paris, France


8.000 places


February 2024

The Arena Porte de la Chapelle (also known by its project name Paris Arena II and its commercial name Adidas Arena) is a future multi-purpose, modular venue located in the Chapelle district of Paris (18th arrondissement).


  • City of Paris


Adidas Arena has been under construction since early March 2020 and is scheduled for completion during 20238. It will be financed by builder Bouygues9.

A proposal by the Communist group on the Paris council aims to name the arena after Alice Milliat, a women’s sports activist. This swimmer, field hockey player and rower, who died in 1957, had fought for recognition of women’s sport at the Olympic Games: for example, she had organized the Women’s World Games in Paris in 1922, when Pierre de Coubertin had refused to open certain disciplines to women in 1919. However, this proposal was not accepted: the principle of naming the hall had already been voted by the Paris city council in 2019.

Finally, on July 8, 2022, the Paris city council voted to award the naming of the arena to Adidas, and it was named the “Adidas Arena”. In return, the esplanade in front of the Arena will be named after Alice Milliat.


With a surface area of 20,000 m2, the Arena Porte de la Chapelle will include a large 8,000-seat multi-purpose hall, as well as two gymnasiums for local clubs and residents2.

The Arena Porte de la Chapelle will also be able to host concerts. Its capacity will be 9,000 for this type of event.


Adidas Arena Voie BM/18,
75018 Paris, France


Resident Teams

Paris Basket-Ball

Latest Update - 22.01.2024