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Lotto Park

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Lotto Park

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The Lotto Park, formerly the Emile Versé Stadium (1917-1983) and later the Constant Vanden Stock Stadium (1983-2019), is a sports venue located in Anderlecht. Since its inauguration in 1917, it has been used by the RSC Anderlecht soccer club.


  • RSC Anderlecht

First named Stade Emile Versé in 1917 when it was inaugurated, as a tribute to the patron of this new stadium, the stadium hosted the final of the 1972 European Football Championship organized in Belgium.

Between 1983 and 1991, 10 billion Belgian francs were spent to completely renovate the stadium. The stadium was renamed Stade Constant Vanden Stock, in honor of the former president of the club who led Anderlecht to the European summit, and who gave it the fame it has today.

The stadium received the first prize for architecture and sport awarded by the International Olympic Committee, although it has never hosted a European final, because it does not contain the minimum number of seats imposed by UEFA.

An expansion of the stadium to 50,000, according to UEFA standards, is planned. The work will consist of the addition of an extra ring with approximately 5,000 seats. The future stadium is described as a “mini Allianz-Arena” by Herman Van Holsbeeck, manager of the Brussels club. In 2018, following the arrival of Marc Couke, new owner and president of Sporting, the stadium will undergo a facelift and its capacity will increase to 22,500 seats. It will be renamed “Lotto Park” in July 2019 because of a partnership with the Belgian National Lottery.

  • This stadium is nicknamed Astrid Park, and this throughout Belgium, because of its location.


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