Cegeka Arena


Genk, Belgium


24.956 places



The Cegeka Arena, formerly Fenixstadion (literally Phoenix Stadium) and later Cristal Arena and Luminus Arena, is the stadium of K. RC Genk. Its current capacity is 25,956 seats.


The stadium was the home of Waterschei SV Thor for many seasons. Until 1990 it was called the André Dumontstadion1 (in Dutch André Dumontstadion). In 1988 the club merged with FC Winterslag to form K. RC Genk. The new team played for two years in the stadium of FC Winterslag, the Nordlaanstadion, while the André Dumont stadium was being renovated, mainly to build a new stand.

Since 1990 the team of K. RC Genk has been playing in the stadium, which was renamed Thyl Gheyselinckstadion after Waterschei SV manager Thor, who was one of the main architects of the merger of the two clubs. However, he was also one of the instigators of the dismantling and closure of the Limburg mines. Due to the protests of many fans, including petitions, the stadium was soon renamed Fenixstadion.

On June 1, 2007, the company Cristal Alken bought the name for a period of five years. The stadium is therefore called Cristal Arena for the duration of the contract. In June 2016, the stadium changed its name again to Luminus Arena.


After winning the national title in 1999, the management of K. RC Genk to further improve their stadium. The standing stands in the north behind one of the goals and the large side stand were demolished and replaced by new ones with seating only. In 2002, the last part, the south stand behind the other goal of the stadium, was renovated as well.


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3600 Waterschei, Belgium


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