Stade Francis Turcan


Martigues, France


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The Francis-Turcan Stadium is a French football stadium located in Martigues. It has hosted matches for the Football Club de Martigues since its inauguration in 1965.

The stadium is named after Francis Turcan (1912-1968) who was the mayor of the city of Martigues from 1946 to 1947 and from 1959 to 1968.

When it was built in 1965, the stadium had a capacity of 3,000. It offers improved infrastructures and equipment compared to the old Aldéric-Chave stadium. The stadium had only one stand, the Paradis stand, which is still the only covered stand in the stadium. The seats are red and orange.

When FC Martigues joined Division 1 in 1993, the Francis-Turcan stadium was adapted to accommodate up to 11,500 seated spectators. Three additional stands were built: the Canal stand, the Pesage Est and the Pesage Ouest, the latter being reserved for visiting supporters.


29, chemin du Paradis
13 500 Martigues, France


Resident Teams

FC Martigues

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