Liège, Belgium

Patinoire de Liège

Capacity 1.250 places

Opened in December 2012

The Patinoire de Liège is a 1250 seat arena located in Liège, Belgium. It hosts the home games of Liège's ice hockey team, the Bulldogs.


  • City of Liège


  • L'Escaut

The Liège Médiacité ice rink, located on Boulevard Raymond Poincaré in the Longdoz neighborhood of the Belgian city of Liège, is an arena that is part of the Médiacité complex.

It was inaugurated on December 8, 2012 and succeeded the Coronmeuse ice rink.

  • It is the second Olympic ice rink in Belgium, after the one in Ghent.


Boulevard Raymond Poincaré, no 7/112
4020 Liège, Belgium


Ice Hockey

Bulldogs Liege

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