Ludo Coeckstadion


Berchem, Belgium


13.607 places


August 1929

Ludo Coeckstadion

PitchdGroundhopping, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Ludo Coeck stadium (in Dutch: Ludo Coeckstadion) is a Belgian soccer stadium located in the municipality of Berchem in the south of the Antwerp metropolis. Since its construction in 1929, it is the home of K. Berchem Sport, number 28 of the URBSFA, one of the oldest Belgian clubs still active. The stadium was called Het Rooi until 2009.

The stadium was inaugurated on August 29, 1929 with a gala match between its resident club Berchem Sport and PSV Eindhoven (the Dutch won 2-3). For a long time, it was named after the park where it is located: Het Rooi.

The Rooi became and still is one of the mythical stadiums in the history of Belgian soccer, because the club Berchem Sport played 41 seasons in the highest national division.

The stadium underwent several modernizations and renovations, the last one in 2001. The last renovation brought the number of covered seats to 2,687. The official total capacity is 13,607 spectators.

In 2008-2009 the Rooi was renamed Ludo Coeckstadion in honour of the former Belgian international who started at Berchem Sport before being transferred to Anderlecht. Suzy, the player’s sister was for a time, President of Berchem Sport.

In September 2018, all the stands were razed except for the seating stand which is for the time being decommissioned. In 2019 stands with a total of 2800 seats and covered were built.


Berchem, Belgium


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