Country Hall Ethias


Angleur, Belgium


5.500 places



The Liège Country Hall is a sports hall, used in particular by Liège Basket, and a performance hall. It is located in Sart Tilman, on the heights of Liège.

An investment of 29 million euros was made for its restoration in 2005, in order to carry out the work as quickly as possible, ie in 5 months, to make it a modular room capable of hosting both sporting events, but also cultural events such as concerts. Its capacity is 5,500 people in sports configuration and 7,200 people in show configuration.

It was inaugurated as part of the Table Tennis World Cup, which was held in Liège from Friday October 21 to Sunday October 23, 2005, where the sixteen best players in the world met.


Allée du bol air, 13
4031 Angleur, Belgium


Resident Teams

RSW Liège Basket

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