Antalya, Turkey

Antalya Stadyumu

Capacity 32.539 places

Opened in October 2015

Antalya Stadyumu

Onur, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Antalya Stadyumu, formerly Antalya Arena, is a stadium based in Antalya, Turkey. It is only used for soccer matches.


  • General Directory of Youth and Sports (GSGM)


  • Azaksu Architecture Office


Construction began in June 2013. The construction was originally scheduled to last 800 days, but the work eventually took 992 days. The construction costs exceeded 80 million.

The inauguration took place on October 26, 2015, with a league match between Antalyaspor and Beşiktaş, with 19,691 spectators attending the match. The first goal in the history of the stadium is scored by Necip Uysal, a player of Beşiktaş.


The seats of the soccer stadium are completely covered by a roof 16,000 square meters. The roof is supported by a steel structure. On the inner edge of the roof, a transparent material was used, to provide the pitch with maximum natural light.


Antalya, Turkey


football / soccer


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